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Traci Johns, owner of Professional Reliable Organizing, has a passion for organizing and compassion for people overwhelmed by life.  She founded PRO as she enjoys helping people transform chaotic and cluttered homes or offices into areas of productivity and peacefulness.  She also has a passion for excellent customer service so her organizing solutions are designed to last and endure time.  What you may view as a problem, from Traci's perspective is an exciting opportunity to becoming more efficient in your everyday life.  Traci loves to help people have functional and beautiful environments so that they can relax and focus on more important things.  She wants to help you get past the barriers that you may have to an exciting new life! 
Residential Organizing/Decluttering
Do you find yourself saying I need to get more organized A LOT?  Do you have late fees, overdrawn checks, missed appointments, missed opportunities, or you don't have people over because you are embarrassed about parts of your house?  Or maybe you are having a big get together in the future and want to tackle your home's problem areas once and for all?  I organize any room in the house - basements, garages, closets, kitchens, laundry areas, home office, and storage rooms.    

Time and Project Management and Paperwork Processing
Everyone can often feel overwhelmed by their schedules and the many things we need and want to do.  Control over time begins with getting your schedule, sticky notes, and reminders organized into one 'go-to' place.  We will look at how you work and your preferences and help you determine how to prioritize your daily activities.  Whether your goal is to not forget an appointment again or to try and find time for a special activity, let PRO help you get more efficient in organizing your daily schedule.

I speak at meetings of any size: corporate staff meetings, business groups, stay at home mom groups, informal groups, professional groups.  I will prepare a talk on any organizing topic your group is interested in.  Some possible topics include holiday planning and storage tips, organizing paperwork, time management, or understanding and overcoming procrastination.

2 hour consultation
This is for the more 'do it yourself' client.  You may have a problem area or two and want a professional's advice on what to do.  I review the areas that you would like help with and then I provide a plan that includes product suggestions. You can then work on the project on your own, or have me in periodically to help.
Corporate Organizing/Speaking
With over 20 years of corporate experience, I set up systems for employees to manage email, paper and project files, and computer files.  The benefit of this is nothing slips through the cracks and they are able to narrow their focus to the highest priority tasks.  I also can speak at any meeting on time management or workplace paperwork processing, or any other organizing or productivity topic that would be of interest to your office.

Moving or downsizing, Staging a home for sale
No one wants to move more belongings than they have to.  Save money and time by organizing your belongings before your move to determine if items are worth the cost of moving to another location.  If you are selling a home, staging your home can get you the best price for your home, in the shortest amount of time possible.  When you are finally in your new home, I can also help get you organized in your new place!  

Computer Files or Emails
Have you lost a computer files or emails in the past?  Not quite sure where they are saved or how to organize your computer folders?  I can set up a system that makes sense for you and your work style to help you manage all your incoming emails and computer documents.

Organizing party
This is a good time getting the girls together for a fun night out and also learning about a relevant organizing topic that will help everyone in their daily life.  Some possible topics include holiday planning, holiday storage, managing family paperwork, or managing a home office.  It is a fun, interactive time.  All hosts earn 1 hour of free organizing.  The fee is $5 per person, excluding the host.  Get your friends together and host a party today!

Paperwork Program
No matter how great the system of processing paperwork is set up, you still have to process paperwork on a regular basis!  If you find that this is a task you dread, I offer a program where I do this for you once we get your system up and running.  It includes filing, creating your weekly action item lists, and preparing bills for payment.  This cuts back on late fees and overdraft charges and it creates your weekly to do list.  You will be able to focus on high priority items or creative work rather than being overwhelmed with mundane and boring tasks.

Virtual organizing
Are you a "Do it Yourself" kind of person or located in a remote area?  This approach to organizing may work for you.  You can send me pictures or video and I consult over the phone, providing a plan and product ideas.  Tasks are assigned until the next phone session.  I act as an organizer and accountability coach, and you carry out the assigned homework on your own.

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 Traci Johns, CPC, ELI-MP
Professional Organizer and Speaker