A Formula for Focusing : The Three "T"s

A Formula for Focusing

by Traci Johns on 04/16/15

Having trouble focusing on your organizing project?  Everyone has periods where their brain has difficulty focusing on the tasks at hand.  Take a moment and examine your thoughts and try to uncover why you are not focused.  Are you tired?  Worried?  Anxious?  Take a moment or two to address whatever feelings you are experiencing.  This may be as simple as deep breathing to relieve stress or maybe you need a short snack break.  Once your feelings are addressed, re-examine your organizing goal and your motivation for completing it.  Begin your organizing work again with a newly focused mind.

Is your mind wandering too much to accomplish your organizing tasks?  One important step is to minimize or eliminate all distractions.  This means to find a quiet place or time in the house where you won't be interrupted by others.  Turn off the obvious distractions like the TV, house and cell phones, and shut down your email and computer.  There are less obvious distractions though also that can steal your attention like chores around the house that need to be done or a window view to the outside world.  Be aware of these distractions and do what you can to minimize your focus on them before you start a project and you will be successful.

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