Back to School Tips : The Three "T"s

Back to School Tips

by Traci Johns on 08/08/16

It is that time of the year – registering for school and buying school supplies.  Spend some time preparing now to make the first week of school smooth for everyone.  Here are some tips:

Before you go school shopping:

  • Clear out all the clothes from your child’s room that no longer fit or that are not liked.  Also clear out old backpacks, notebooks, pens and pencils that won’t get used.  Donate anything that won’t get used or worn.
  • Make a list of all needed clothes and supplies before leaving the house, this will make shopping a lot more focused.

Prepare for the first week of school:

  • Start now getting the family back into a routine – a great trick is to schedule appointments or activities for your kids in the AM hours, helping them to ease back into an early morning wake up time. 
  • Take some stress out of the first week by preparing a few meals now for the freezer for easy meals during that first busy week.

Have some last minute Summer Fun

Right now make a list of the fun activities that you really wanted to do this summer with the kids, but didn’t.  Pick two or three and spend these last few days having some fun as a family before school starts again.

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