Creative Filing When You Work From Home : The Three "T"s

Creative Filing When You Work From Home

by Traci Johns on 10/31/15

Whether your desk is the dining-room table or is in a dedicated location, setting up a paper filing system is crucial to your success. If you work from home, it’s important to separate business from personal papers. A quick start would be to sort your personal files into the following categories:

·            Financial—tax related papers, bank statements, investments, home contracts, insurance and bills—basically anything to do with money

·            Household items—manuals, home projects, improvement ideas, etc.

·            Family items—birth certificates, marriage license, and other important documents

·            Reference materials—address list, schedules, school information, and medical information

For general category files that end up to be large after your initial sort, break those down into further categories that will help you to find items faster. For example, you may want a file for each family member or a file for just insurance documents. While this is a listing of personal files, you can do the same type of sorting with your business files. Start with general categories and see what files need to be broken down further.  

Consider using a colored filing system (green files for financial, brown files for home, blue for business, etc.). This will allow you to quickly locate the section of filing you are currently needing.

A filing system can be helpful in keeping papers under control and maintenance to a minimum. Keep the system simple to maximize your results.

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