Organizing is a Process : The Three "T"s

Organizing is a Process

by Traci Johns on 01/17/17

If you are feeling overwhelmed by an organizing project, whether you want to organize a room, an entire house, or even a single drawer, it helps to think of organizing as a process.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither does a perfectly organized space need to be accomplished in a day.  If an area is particularly neglected, it may take several ‘passes’ through the space before it is truly at the level of organization that you want.  A ‘pass’ is each time you spend a session organizing the area.  

Let me run through an example, this could change based on what you are organizing, but I wanted to get across how chipping away at a project will get you results!

1st pass – decluttering visible spaces

2nd pass – decluttering nonvisible areas

3rd – Sorting everything you have left – decluttering more

4th pass – Organizing by putting items back where you think you might like them, in temporary storage solutions if needed

5th pass – Assess the solutions, are they working?  What do you need to change?  What do I need to buy, if anything, for storing?

6th pass – Purchase any storage items needed, put in place and do final labeling.

The amount of time between passes could be an hour, month or year – it doesn’t matter.  However, each step in the process is a win and should be celebrated.  This method of organizing is particularly helpful if you find yourself getting lost in the details, thinking about where things will go before the decluttering is actually done, or if overwhelm keeps you from moving forward.  Just take it one pass at a time!

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