The Three "T"s

Using the Three "T"s When You Travel

by Traci Johns on 06/12/13

Summer is the time people look forward to spending time at their favorite travel destinations.  Here are some tips that will help you to be more organized and have a better re-entry after your great trip.

Before you leave:  Make a packing list on your computer before you start - it can then be added to and used again and again.

Remember to wait and post that you went on a trip, rather than before or during (and that your house is unoccupied)! 

Start the vacation before it actually starts by packing a ziploc bag of a few pamper items for the car or flight: eye mask, cozy socks, neck pillow, ear plugs, or anything else that might relax you while you are traveling.

If you are packing light, try to limit the number of shoes as they are heavy items.  Plan outfits around the smallest number of pairs of shoes possible.

On your trip:  Have a little fun and capture your trip in a travel journal.  Bring a small notebook where you can store small mementoes from the trip and jot down special trip memories.  Everything will already be organized when you get back.

If you are traveling with children, at every stop buy postcards of the attractions at that stop and make a game out of finding all the items on the postcards.

When you are back:  Unpack right away, it will help to get the household routine back to normal. 

If at all possible, schedule a day to get caught up before returning to work.  It will give you a chance to buy groceries, go through mail, do laundry and pay bills.

To keep the "Back to Work Blues" at bay, print your favorite picture from the trip and put it on your desk, it will make you smile for weeks.

Got the "Busyness Blues"?

by Traci Johns on 03/06/13

Do you ever think "There has to be more to life than this!"? With our busy schedules these days, it is important to make sure that we don't spend all our free time on chores, work, and errands.

 I think we all realize that most days of our week, we will be busy doing the necessary things in life.  I notice, though, if the "busyness" of life encroaches on my weekends too much that my attitude quickly goes south.  How to combat "busyness" blues? Mid week, create a weekend plan.  Involve the whole family and get feedback to figure out your top two weekend priorities.  Together, you can decide if it is a good weekend to tackle a home project or to focus more on fun. 

A little planning can go a long way.  If a priority is a home project, you can prepare beforehand and it will go smoother (and who knows, you might have some extra time left over!). If a priority is getting to the gym, with a little planning maybe you can figure out a fun way to get your exercise in.  This enables you to meet your goal and have fun at the same time.  

One more benefit, with a plan in place and conscious choices all weekend, you won't have to ask the usual Sunday night question of "Where did my weekend go?", you will know!


It's GO Month - Get Started with an Organizing Plan

by Traci Johns on 01/29/13

January is Get Organized month and I would like to spend some time exploring the benefits of getting organized and also give you an easy method of creating a plan for getting started.  Think about the past month, have you :

Had a lost item that turned into an 'episode'?

Incurred some sort of late fee?

Forgot an appointment, task, meeting, or special event like a birthday?

All of these organizational issues I have mentioned waste our precious resources of time, money and energy.  We also incur extra stress when we don't need to which affects our health and relationships.

Most people have a vague desire to get more organized, but how do you get started?  You can do this by addressing these questions:  Where?  Why?  Who?  When?

Where do I need to organize? Where does being unorganized bother you the most?  This is where you should start.

Why do you want to organize? You have to find your motivation to get organized.  What symptom below of not having your area organized really gets to you?   This is YOUR motivation that you can call on when the going gets tough.  

  •   wasted time, money, energy
  • not being as productive as you want
  •  not having things when you want them
  • you are tired of a cluttered home/work area 
  •  need more space
  •  you just want to think more clearly

Who will do the organizing? Is this something you want to tackle on your own?  Do you need to enlist family or friends to help?

Another option is to hire a professional organizer.  A professional organizer can teach organizing skills and is experienced at helping  you to focus on a task and break large projects into manageable steps.  They can also suggest organizing products to use, set up systems, and help you understand your work style better.  And one last question:

When should I organize? Lastly, decide when you want to do this.  Time is always a factor, but you need to schedule time for organizing just like you would a doctor appointment, workout, or lunch with a friend.  We make time for anything that is high on our priority list.  January is Get Organized month.  What can you let go of for JUST the month of January to make time to organize? 

I encourage you to spend time in January organizing an area.  Even if it is just one drawer, closet, or cupboard I promise you will reap the benefits all year long.


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