"I sought Traci for coaching as I started a new management position. I was having problems finding my voice in meetings. This was a new experience for me as I had been at my previous position for over 12 years. Having the consultation over the phone enabled us to remove all distractions and focus on problem solving. Traci helped me identify the triggers that were blocking my confidence so that I could confront them head on. As I look back, it seems as if the results were almost immediate, but at the time it was more likely that the process unfolded itself naturally. I highly recommend Traci as a personal coach for anyone who is seeking to resolve personal or professional issues."
                        Stephanie Mackeprang
                        Digital Communications Manager
                        Nebraska Wesleyan University

"Traci helped me come up with a plan to explore a big goal that I had been thinking about for a long time. Talking with Traci helped me identify what was possible and what the steps were going to be to reach my goal.

With Traci’s guidance, I was able to start planning how I was going to reach my goal without losing momentum in other parts of my life. Traci encouraged me by telling me it is never too late to be what you want to be.

Traci motivated me to pursue my life-long dream. I really appreciated her dedication to help others and look forward to working with Traci again."
               --Tammy B

"Traci is the best life coach you could ever have. She really listens to whatever it is that might be your struggle. Here is where it gets real, unlike a counselor, she not only listens but she is able to problem solve with you and come up with a workable plan that you are ready and able to put into action in your life. Once your plan is implemented, she meets with you and works on revisions that will support your plan and make it sustainable and stronger. She has really given me help in my life both at work and with personal relationships. Rebecca"Traci is an awesome coach. She helped me through a time in my life when I was trying to make huge decisions about life changes while working at a job I did not like. With Coach Traci's help, I was able to clear up my thoughts about how to organize and prioritize what mattered most to me."

Because of her help, I am now living in a different state, playing with my grandchildren weekly, and working at a job that is fulfilling. My work here is at a non-profit, which ties in to my intrinsic desire to "give back." Since I am now working full-time at a non-profit, I feel less self-imposed pressure to volunteer so many hours outside of work, thus freeing up my time for my husband and my grandkids.

I am living a happy and fulfilled life, and Traci helped me see clearly what changes I needed to make."
                                    ~Jennifer Cooper

"I needed to take more risks in my life to move me forward. Traci helped me to find a way to do this while at the same time balancing other priorities that had stopped me from moving forward in the past. In the end, I felt like I learned a lot about myself and how I approach difficult situations."         -Elisa

​"I was transitioning from being a busy single mom of two kids to being an empty nester, as my kids left home to go to college. Traci helped me make some changes by introducing me to a few meet-up groups and meeting people. She helped me gain confidence with trying new activities and just getting out more. I have benefited from life coaching with Traci, and I would definitely recommend Traci to a friend for her services."      ~Gayle

I was introduced to Traci through an acquaintance. After two coaching sessions with Traci I can say she is fabulous - I have had many insights in a short amount of time. I am a retired Police Officer. Served 23 years on the Omaha Police Force and worked with many, many souls so I am aware of when someone connects with you and truly cares. Traci is this person. She is the real deal !!!      ~Jerry

"Thanks Traci, I had a really good week thanks to you."  ~Harry

"After years of letting things pile and not getting rid of things, it finally was too much.  This last year, I needed to do some work on my basement that meant moving everything out.  It was a daunting task but my plan was to move everything to the garage and organize as I put everything back into the basement.  That is until Traci came to help me.  We went through most things prior to storing in the garage for the basement repair.  Traci made it easy to sort through things and I gave many things to the City Mission – 4 van-full trips of “stuff”.  It would have been overwhelming to go through all of the boxes by myself but with Traci it became easy and I would be amazed at how much we accomplished in a couple of hours.  Although Traci is a very organized person, she accepted me for being a collector of stuff and realized that many of the things I kept meant something to me.  She was excellent at recognizing my emotions and asking questions as we went through the process.  

 When it came time to move things back into the basement, I still had my doubts.  After all, this is a 100-year old basement with many limitations.  Traci was creative in organizing the basement in a way that works for me.  It has even inspired me to continue to stay organized.  Traci began to realize how I stored items and even described me as a “putter”.  To help, she labeled things in a manner that I can easily keep up.  Traci is very trustworthy and honest - which is important when you are letting someone into your house and going through your possessions.  I was so impressed with the efforts in the basement that we reorganized the bathroom and the kitchen as well.

Now, when guests visit me, I do not need to worry that they will open a door and see my clutter.  It actually is saving money as I am not buying duplicates.  I would highly recommend Traci to help you in sorting through your items and creating systems that work for you."       ~Charlotte
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Words cannot express my gratitude to you for your good work with me. I have truly found a new way because of your affirmation and insights. you have challenged me to not "procrastinate by my working" and that was life changing advice.         ~Greg

"Traci has helped me to identify priorities, and to build these into "getting organized" projects rather than spending all my available time on putting out fires. This has helped me to use my time more effectively. I feel more peace overall. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the way my office looks. I really enjoy my less-cluttered office and I think it presents a more welcoming environment for people when they visit me there."                                                                                                 ~Laura
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